I bet you will relate as much as I did… (A life with Borderline in pictures)

I am going to share these photos because at some point in time, I have completely related to them, if not now. This isn’t a reflection of my current state of mind, in fact, I am feeling really good right now. But I couldn’t not share these as they are so, so true for us Borderlines. I hope it helps you see that you are not alone.

All these are courtesy of Borderline Life at Tumblr. Go check it out 🙂

Seriously relate to this one…!!

And this one!

Ohhh and seriously this one!

Ohh yes.

And to finish!


  1. I can relate to all of them at some point or another. I like blogging because it helps me to know that I am not the only one with these feelings I have. You are not alone as well xx

  2. Ohhhh yes, thanks for all these! I’ll have to have a look at that site you suggested 🙂 We are not alone, the best words I’ve ever heard and ones that really do help xx

  3. lizabethf · · Reply

    I can relate with a lot of these, but the quote by Mary Kate Teske really hit home. Thanks for posting these!

  4. That inspired me to do my own!

  5. 10-16-12 was the 7th anniv. of losing my baby sis at age 46. I’m 63.

    1. Im so sorry to hear that xx

  6. lunalilymichele · · Reply

    I relate so much! I’m so glad that other people feel this way too, it makes me feel not so alone… ❤

    1. You are never alone, you just need to look around xx

  7. brookeblogoflife · · Reply

    i feel like this everyday

    1. I’m sorry that you are struggling. Keep well. xx

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