Monthly Archives: November 2012

Being friendly and liked as opposed to being in charge and professional

What happened this afternoon, I believe is not actually related to my borderline, I think it is a genuine problem that a lot of people will encounter during their lives. My work life is described in more detail in this earlier post. Everything was going well despite an email from the married man at ringcraft […]

30 Day Challenge – Day 4 (Bullet your whole day)

So, I’m going to do yesterday as so far I have only been awake for 2 hours! 7am – Alarm goes off (I set it early as I needed a shower, wash my hair and tidy the house. I must have switched it off and gone back to sleep, even though I don’t remember doing […]

30 Day Challenge – Day 3 (A Book you love)

My favourite author is by far Jodi Picoult (she wrote ‘My sisters keeper’ which was turned into a movie with Cameron Diaz) I have every single one of her books, but if I had to choose a favourite, it would probably be ‘Plain Truth’ All her books have so much research that goes into them, […]

Just tired.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much over the last few days, I haven’t had the energy, the motivation or even the words (I also need to catch up on my 30 day challenge). In hindsight, 4 days in Amsterdam with 18 hours travelling each way wasn’t the best idea given how triggering I find being […]

Still feeling lost

I had a minor moment of breakdown yesterday evening. I selfishly didn’t feel like I could cope going to my mums birthday meal (my sister and her family was going to be there too) so I felt like a really bad daughter especially as she has been helping me out a lot lately with my […]

Felt really pants last night.

Yesterday I had my appointment with the new GP. I explained that I had doubled my medication on Friday as I felt I wasn’t able to cope, and although she understood why I had done it, she told me I had to reduce it back down to 20mg with immediate effect as Escitalopram was not […]

30 Day Challenge – Day Two (Something you feel strongly about)

There are quite a few things I feel strongly about, but here is one; 1. Designer Dogs My opinion is probably really biased as I have pedigree dogs but these dogs just really get my back up. I have no problem with cross breed dogs, if that is what they are sold as. But people […]