30 Day Challenge – Day Two (Something you feel strongly about)

There are quite a few things I feel strongly about, but here is one;

1. Designer Dogs

My opinion is probably really biased as I have pedigree dogs but these dogs just really get my back up. I have no problem with cross breed dogs, if that is what they are sold as. But people who cross two breeds together and sell them as ‘health tested’ (yes they are probably health tested for their respective breeds but not the potential health problems that could be created by mixing the two together) and for more money than you could buy a pedigree dog for. The give them all sorts of crazy names; Labradoodles (Labrador x Poodle), Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle), Jug (Jack Russell x Pug), Pugalier (Pug x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), the list is endless, and the price paid for them seems to be too.


  1. I know! It’s bloody ridiculous what they charge for these mixes. To be honest I think I need to do a ranting post about everything that annoys me when it comes to dog breeders/owners who are irresponsible because it would be too long for this reply. My Toby is a Mongrel, a Heinz 57, a cross breed and as beautiful as he is I would hate to think of people purposefully breeding to recreate him without thinking about the possible problems! xx

  2. I can sort of live with the idea of the labradoodle and infact find it quite amusing people spend so much money on a mongrel but what really upsets me is this teacup dog business, i saw a programme on the not long ago these poor babis bred don and down to a point where it is impossible for the bitches to even deliver a litter naturally is going way to far

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