30 Day Challenge – Day 4 (Bullet your whole day)

So, I’m going to do yesterday as so far I have only been awake for 2 hours!

  • 7am – Alarm goes off (I set it early as I needed a shower, wash my hair and tidy the house. I must have switched it off and gone back to sleep, even though I don’t remember doing it)


  • 9.30am – Wake up, panic because I am late, try to sort hair so it doesn’t look utterly disgusting as it needs a wash, get dressed, pick up yoghurt from fridge which I am sure by now is out of date


  • 10am – Arrive at work, tell people I had a doctors appointment, write in diary that I took an hour off, leave dog in car (and received disgusted look) as had no time to drop him off at parents house. Put last nights left over chinese takeaway in microwave to eat for breakfast.


  • 10.15am – Notice on diary I had an appointment at 10am with a new client. Swear profusely, ask colleague to phone said client and explain I am stuck in traffic due to flooding, pick up paperwork and dash out of door, driving like a woman possessed to try to get to appointment as soon as possible. Leave heated up chinese on desk and look back at it longingly (much to the disgust of other staff members who promise to have eaten it by the time I get back)


  • 10.30am – Arrive at appointment to find current tenant has already shown client round the property and I look like the unprofessional, disorganised agent that I have become. Chat to client and find out he has a job as an interpreter for deaf people, which is actually really interesting. Drive back to office.


  • 11.30am – Arrive back at office to find one of my property inspections has been booked in my absence for 12pm, pick up keys, rush out of door to try to get there on time


  • 12pm – Arrive on time, to find tenant has 4 cats instead of 1. Explain I will need to speak to the landlord about this issue. Tenant gets defensive. Leave appointment feeling like the bad guy. Do rest of property inspections with minimal problems. Talk to Jen on facebook messenger about the fact that the postman has just told me I was almost ‘rimming’. Laugh about the fact I didn’t realise he was talking about my tyre! Jen advises me to go to garage and pump it up with air, which I do. Feel proud I did this without a man (i.e. my dad) to help me.


  • 2pm – Meet roofing man at home who is going to quote for repairs to roof as it is leaking. He advises a new roof is needed. Shit.


  • 3pm – Get back to office and continue work, via garage buying crisps and chocolate to comfort eat.


  • 5pm – Leave office and rush to thornbury in order to make a chiropractor appointment at 5.15pm (cannot miss this one as desperately need treating)


  • 5.15pm – Chiropractic appointment, had to leave very pissed off dog in car yet again. The chiropractor says I am making progress. Remembered to buy cake on way back to car as I am ‘on duty’ tonight at ringcraft class (I have to do it once every two months). Pleased I remembered to buy cake (the post-it note on my windscreen helped!)


  • 6.15pm – Get home, take dry washing off airer and put new dirty washing load in washing machine. Have shower and wash hair. Play with dog and apologise for not having time to walk him today, feel bad for not walking him and give him chew to make yourself feel better. Take pictures of pretty things in cottage using Instagram and put on facebook. Tidy up and do washing up. Sweep kitchen floor.


  • 7.15pm – Arrive at ringcraft and set up. Talk to Jen while I am waiting for people to arrive.


  • 8pm – Give ringcraft lesson on own as ‘duty partner’ is unwell. Very scared about doing it on my own but it goes well. Get given box of chocolates for helping a novice woman with her dog a few weeks ago. Feel good about this. Give lots of help to a lady with a dalmation going to her first show on saturday. Notice that the married man I had an ‘issue’ with is ignoring me, and acting strange. Feel exhausted but keep going. Eat sandwich bought at same time as cake.


  • 9.45pm – Pop into Asda to see if they sell glasses which might help me see better without having to go to the optician. They don’t. Get accused of shoplifting as the DVD I ran through the check out didn’t come up on the receipt. Tell the security man I was actually assisted at the check out by one of the staff, and I am sure he doesn’t believe me. Past caring now.


  • 10pm – Meet Tom to pick up Rosa. He is emotional and vulnerable, which makes me cold as I am attempting to prevent myself from either breaking down or dissociating, knowing I have to drive home.


  • 10.15pm – Drive home, sobbing.


  • 11.pm – Arrive home and get into bed (read:sofa). Talk to Jen on facebook about Tom.


  • 11.30pm – Kim phones and we talk for 45 minutes.


  • Sometime after 12am – Sleep.


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  1. oh I am exhausted from reading this lol!

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