Monthly Archives: November 2012

30 Day Challenge – Day One (Five ways to win your heart)

1. Give me hugs (unless I’ve never met you before, in which case I will probably run a mile) 2. Smile (If someone smiles at me I always feel better) 3. Like my dog (This should probably be number one, if you don’t like my dog you’ve got no chance) 4. Defend me (I’m not […]

30 Day Challenge

So, I was inspired by Kevin at Voices of Glass to do another 30 day challenge, mainly to keep my mind off other things going on. So here goes, I will try to stick to one a day but won’t be too hard on myself if I don’t manage it.   1.  Five ways to […]

Crap NHS

So I know I should be grateful for the free healthcare provided by the national health service in this country, but sometimes I really feels as though they just don’t give a damn. I have been chasing my referral for DBT for over 3 months now but just seem to be going in circles. This […]

A new week

Hey Guys. So I am now feeling a little more stable which is great. On Friday I  made the decision to increase my medication. I tried to make an appointment at the doctors for after work but there were none available, and there was no chance of leaving work early. I had several property inspections […]

Punishment, fuck up, fucking up, enough.

I hate this fucking condition, and how it makes me think and behave. Or should I stop using my Borderline as an excuse and realise that I behave because that is WHO I am and I am, in essence, a bad person. I feel awkward writing this, as I know the person I am going […]

Having a very wibbley day

Not really having a good day at all today. Tom was having his appointment with the consultant at the Oncology centre at the hospital this morning, at 10am, and was going to ring me when he was finished. I tried to keep busy with work, chatted to Jen on my phone, and generally trying not […]

Stripped Back

I am struggling a little today. For some unknown reason, my mum is on the warpath. She is having digs about me and work that I haven’t done (and even work that hasn’t been done which isn’t my work to do). She has gone out of the office now and I had to fight the […]