Bad Anxiety Tonight

Struggling quite a bit tonight. Only stayed at the works christmas meal for a short while as wasn’t really feeling that sociable and kept on drifting in and out – kept finding myself staring into space with all these conversations going around me but not understanding or taking it what they were, then realising someone was speaking to me.

I can’t get hold of Jen and I can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. I know it is ridiculous, and paranoia. I have taken 6mg valium to try and settle things. I hate feeling like this. I am supposed to be going to a dog show tomorrow but won’t be going if I still feel like this.



  1. I hope that soon you can settle down and that nothiing is wrong. I know that feeling and it sucks. Hang in there xx

    1. Thanks. I feel really stupid now. Just spoke to her, she’d left her phone in her pocket! x

      1. I’m glad that everything is fine and don’t feel stupid for being a caring friend xx

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