Today went fast.

Today hasn’t been so good, I woke up, spoke to Kim, did some things around the garden I had been meanin to do for a long time but never got round to, then went to meet Tom to do some training. By the time I got there, I was manic. I knew I was but I couldn’t stop it despite taking valium. I had woken up anxious and the delayed mania was a result of that. I ran from the car to where him and Nicki were with the dogs, I was loud (too loud), laughing, confident. I didn’t wear a coat as I didn’t feel the cold, then got drenched and freezing whenI mellowed. I talked too quickly, I couldn’t concentrate because thoughts were running through my head too quickly. Now I am home, and I am exhausted, cold, emotional. I am  supposed to be going to the work xmas meal at 7.30 but can’t bring myself to get off the sofa. It is exhausting and draining living with these two extremes.


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