Monthly Archives: December 2012

Can’t cope.

This is very hard, I am really struggling today. Kim – I know you follow me on here so please, I ask you to stop reading this post now as I need to be completely honest about how I am feeling and I don’t want you to think I am a complete mess. I can’t […]

Things are getting worse not better.

Although I didn’t feel like it, I went to the dog show, which was in the NEC in Birmingham, a big center with lots of different halls, areas and car parks. It was lovely to see my friends, and most people were friendly and kind towards me. I say most people – because I ran […]

Bad Anxiety Tonight

Struggling quite a bit tonight. Only stayed at the works christmas meal for a short while as wasn’t really feeling that sociable and kept on drifting in and out – kept finding myself staring into space with all these conversations going around me but not understanding or taking it what they were, then realising someone […]

Today went fast.

Today hasn’t been so good, I woke up, spoke to Kim, did some things around the garden I had been meanin to do for a long time but never got round to, then went to meet Tom to do some training. By the time I got there, I was manic. I knew I was but […]

Highs, lows, on it goes.

It’s been a few busy days, but on the whole, things are good. On Thursday I had my assessment with my new CPN, Karen. It was meant to be Tuesday but she had car trouble, so she re-arranged. She came to the house, and I was so nervous before she arrived, I fussed around tidying […]

What goes down must come up :)

Just thought I would drop you guys a little note to say that I’m feeling really good today. We all know that Borderline is a rollercoaster of emotions, and it wouldn’t be fair for me to only post when I was down – it wouldn’t give you a fair picture of what life is like. […]

Can’t fight the urge to cut? Read this.

Last night when I got home, I was in a terrible state. I had had a rough morning at work, being told that there was to be a ‘big meeting’ at work on monday and feeling terrified about all the confrontation that that might incur. Then, at 3pm I left the office to show my […]