Monthly Archives: January 2013

Talking helps to make things become clear

I was talking to Jen last night for quite a while about how I am feeling like I need to back away from Chris, and we delved into some stuff about my upbringing, and I really think we made some headway into understanding why I am the way I am, so I just wanted to […]

The Borderline ‘Back Off’

What AM I doing? The last day or so I have felt like I want to stop this relationship between myself and Chris before it even starts. My reason? I don’t think I even know myself. He is literally perfect, or seems to be. Polite, a real gentleman, caring, wants the same things out of […]

Not a damn thing I can do

The only thing worse than feeling bad myself, is having someone you love very much be suffering, and being at a loss to help them. I feel sick to my stomach, I have been speaking to the person involved tonight, and they are very down. I wish I could go and wrap my arms round […]


I had a lovely day. This morning I went over to chris’s neck of the woods. He is the chief flying instructor at an airfield near to his house, and flies both motor planes and gliders, which is seriously cool. I wasn’t as nervous as I have been for the last two dates but I […]

Sunday morning weigh in

First of all, I need to apologise for my major wobble last night. I am feeling a lot better now, less emotional and able to think clearly. I am so glad I didn’t do anything stupid. Thank you so much for the support which came immediately after posting, it really, really helped. This mornings weigh […]

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels

It’s true. I looked in the mirror yesterday, and felt happy with myself. I am shrinking, slowly but healthily. Still eating a lot but eating the right things – fruit, vegetables, home cooked food so I know what goes in it. But then I am looking in the mirror right now, about to go on […]

Please don’t cut – A song

May not be to everyone’s taste but I related to the lyrics and you may do too. Worth a listen 🙂