I completely relate to parts of this. Very well written. Thank you.

Mile in My Moccasins

When you have borderline personality disorder, the most stigmatized mental illness out there, it seems like everyone has an opinion of what someone with your diagnosis should be like without having ever met someone like you. Often, these opinions seem to revolve around frustrations with “crazy” people they’ve known in the past or high school emo-kid stereotypes. What very few people seem to understand is what it’s like to be borderline, to be that person trapped in their own madness. It’s easy to sit back and complain about difficult people you’ve known in your life. It takes a lot more effort to expend the energy to try to even imagine why someone might be behaving in a certain way. The truth is, living with borderline personality disorder is hell, and due to its stigma and its dramatic symptoms, it’s often a private hell that leaves the sufferer isolated and misunderstood…

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