Not a damn thing I can do

The only thing worse than feeling bad myself, is having someone you love very much be suffering, and being at a loss to help them. I feel sick to my stomach, I have been speaking to the person involved tonight, and they are very down.

I wish I could go and wrap my arms round them, or find them the answers they need, but I can’t, and feel so very helpless. I imagine this is how the people that care about me feel when I get Ill, which makes me even more determined to stay well – this is the worst feeling ever.


  1. sometimes all you can do is be there to listen, it may seem to you like you are doing nothing but to the other person it means the world

    1. Thank you. I just feel so helpless! I need her to tell me what I can do to help but she won’t, because she needs to deal with it her own way in her own space. I’m trying to respect that but it’s sooo hard because all I want to o is be with her and look after her.

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