Monthly Archives: January 2013

First date report :)

Well it was my first date last night with Chris (I’ve changed his name for obvious reasons). I was actually really excited all day up until 4pm, when I started getting nervous. He suddenly had to go into work, so we had to change the plans a little, but decided on meeting at a pub […]

Meeting new people and other ponderings

I have previously discussed this topic here and reading all your comments has pretty much helped me decide on how to go forward. Basically, I have a blind date with a man tomorrow night. He seems lovely – we have lots in common, his pictures look good (so it’s not really totally blind but I’ve […]

Officially in the elevens :)

At my weekly weigh in this morning I saw an 11 on the scale. That’s means I am officially past my first goal weight on 12 stone (I started at 12 stone 6 on the 1st Jan) and hopefully on my way to my next goal weight of 11 stone 6. This feels good for […]

Making concious decisions to not let things affect me this time.

Today I woke up, and snow was everywhere. I LOVE snow and am such a child about it. After taking Hogan for a walk in it, and taking some photos (I have been learning photography with my dSLR camera, it’s going ok but very slowly, instagram is soooo much easier, lol). This is the view […]

I hate the dentist!

So, I was just eating my lunch today, minding my own business, when I suddenly realise that half of my tooth has broken off, and vanished (presuming I swallowed it!). This is the outcome of near enough 6 years of bulimia – amongst other problems such as chronic irritable bowel syndrome and ulcers in my […]

Distress Tolerance – Part Three (Improve the moment)

Just as a little re-cap as it has been a while since I have done one of these, distress tolerance is the art of accepting the moment as it is, without trying to change it. Life will always contain distress in many different forms (emotional pain, stress) and this cannot be changed or avoided – […]

Still going well.

I am making sure I continue to blog when things are positive so you guys can see that there ARE good times through the dark. I always feel I don’t need that release when I am okay, but as time goes on I realise this blog is just as much about helping others through their […]