Very interesting with some useful practice exercises – how many of us can accurately read body language?


By David Joel Miller, MS, Licensed Therapist & Licensed Counselor.

You hear them talking but you don’t believe them, why?

What do we do when the words don’t match the gut feeling we have? Do you trust yourself or do you think you must be wrong?

Your gut is telling you something and it should be getting more of an audience. In day-to-day life the sound is so overbearing we forget that more than half of all human communication comes via nonverbal channels. If you haven’t practiced paying attention to the other part of communication you are at a serious disadvantage.

Some small children seem to know this. Words telling them to come over here, I just want to talk with you, do not match up with the clenched fists and the obvious signs of anger. They avoid people like that. Somewhere along the way most of us lose this ability…

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