So this is what love is.

I love James. Totally and wholly. I cannot get enough of him. I would do anything he asked me to, anything at all to make him happy. I love everything about him, even the bits he doesn’t like himself.

Suddenly, songs about love have so much more meaning – and I never realised that before – but as soon as you have someone to love, the words seem to get into your head and go round and round.

I find myself wondering whether this is my ‘Borderline Love’ and I should hold back, or whether I should just go with the flow, and trust that the work I have done with regards to my behaviour and emotional control is enough to regulate things this time. I guess only time will tell.

I just wanted to share this post so you guys know that I have come from a place of emotional pain, bad thoughts, feeling as though I can’t go on – to this. Life feels worth living and YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

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