200 Followers! Thanks Guys!

Never in a million years, when I started this blog, did I think I would still be writing it now, nearly 2 years later, have over 67 thousand hits, and over 200 followers!

During the time I have been writing the blog, I have been on such a journey. The blog has changed from my outlet during my darkest times, to a place I use to try to support and inspire others in my (slow but steady) path into and through recovery from Borderline.

I have made so many new friends and have such an amazing support network. I have not met one single one of these people (you know who you are) yet there are a big part of my life and I call them my extended wordpress family.

My aims for the future? I hope to stay well. I hope to continue to inspire and promote health and recovery in the field of mental health. I hope to continue to blog through my life journey that is constantly changing, adapting and renewing.

Most importantly, I hope to reach more and more people on a daily basis, to let them know there is hope. There is a future for them even when it seems that everything is pointless, empty and painful. There is a way out of that black hole because I found it, and so can you.

Photo courtesy of Speaky Magazine


  1. Isn’t it great sometimes looking at where we’ve been and where we are and thinking wow, I never would have guessed that. My blog started out similar and while I still have symptoms I like to think it is much more positive than when I started. We needed voices out here like yours that says things do get better, I’m proof. For when we start to lose hope or stumble ourselves.

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