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I promise you will laugh out loud…

I was emailed this by a friend, and I laughed so hard I cried. This is an actual customer review from Amazon, on mens’ Veet Hair removal Cream. (To see the actual review click here and there are many, many other reviews which are just as hilarious). After having been told my danglies looked like […]


Another version

I while back I posted this picture, saying that it was the best picture I’d even seen, and that I could just feel everything I was meant to feel. Anyway, by pure luck, I actually came across the actual photograph this picture was drawn from (I didn’t even realised one existed). This is all I […]

A Poem about being one-mindful

I came across this on True Recovery, and believe it is written by Nita Taylor. Anyhow, it was too good not to share. One Mindfully; A Poem An unattended, misdirected mind that is left to wander and to stray; Is amazingly receptive and accepting of everything coming its way. The consequence is a state of […]

Not feeling so good today (A little poem)

Just thought instead of writing out how I feel today, I will share a little poem I hashed together ; Fighting the Feeling by Me! Just this morning, I couldn’t take the pain Wanted to cut to make it go away again The release that wakes a feeling inside A habit I am so desperate […]

Some very good advice.

A friend of mine e-mailed this picture to me and I think it is very apt, so had to share.

One picture – One important message

This goes out to all of you. If you can’t reach me on here, I’m on Skype, I’m on e-mail. (Leave me a comment, it comes straight through to my phone). Please don’t be alone. Let me help you. I might not be able to take my own advice at times; but I hope you […]