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Skills Training Manual for Treating BPD – Chapter two discussion

This chapter discusses the logistics on the DBT treatment and the positive and negatives of doing the treatment in different ways. First off, it explains that DBT is split into two sections – one is individual therapy and the other is skills training. These two things can’t be done together because it is too hard […]

Skills Training Manual for Treating BPD – Chapter one discussion

di·a·lec·ti·cal/ˌdīəˈlektikəl/ Adjective: Relating to the logical discussion of ideas and opinions. Concerned with or acting through opposing forces. So, I am going to start my journey with DBT from the very beginning. I want to understand it all, I want to understand the very basics so that is where I am going to start. I […]

Not living up to a stereotype

I realised this morning that I knew how to describe what I think goes on sometimes. Now bear with me, but it feels almost as if my personality or ‘self’ is split into two parts – the first ‘adult’ part is sensible and mentally healthy, the second ‘child’ part is immature and unstable. These two […]

NLP & The Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

This is a bit of a long one, but worth it if you finally get through it. The original article can be found here. There are quite a few confusing NLP terms in the article so I found this website useful to refer to. Healing The War Within: NLP And The Treatment Of “Borderline Personality […]

Free Downloadable Therapy Worksheets & CBT Tools

If this helps just someone, it was worth reblogging it. Thanks Jaen Wirefly for the original post. xx

NHS Funding for Specialist Care

OK so this will only apply to those of you living in the UK but thank you for reading anyhow! I close friend of mine, diagnosed with BPD, is in a really bad place right now. She is currently in a secure unit, under a Section 3, has frequent ‘episodes’ including suicidal ideation and self […]

Pretty interesting picture

I found this picture pretty interesting, and pretty accurate, on how the different ‘disciplines’ of therapy view BPD;

The DSM-IV Diagnostic Criteria for BPD