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Breaking that cycle (pt. 2)

It’s been a strange old day. Christmas Eve, and myself and children, my brother and my sister (plus children) have spent most of the day together at our parents house. Various things have happened which have led me to some small but meaningful realisations. First of all, I just wanted to touch on my Dad. […]

Self-Compassion and Accountability

Very interesting short read.

Originally posted on counselorssoapbox:
By David Joel Miller, MS, Licensed Therapist & Licensed Counselor. What is he feeling?Photo courtesy of You hear them talking but you don’t believe them, why? What do we do when the words don’t match the gut feeling we have? Do you trust yourself or do you think you must be…

Great article – makes a lot of sense – useful for all the ‘mummies’ out there… x

Originally posted on Beauty and the Borderline:
Researchers at my own alma mater, the University of Toronto, pinpoint two key differences in the brain activity of patients with Borderline Personality Disorder, reports the NEA-BPD (you can find this article, and links to NEA-BPD’s main site, in my “Blogs about BPD” section below): heightened subjective perception…

More bed time reading


Originally posted on Beauty and the Borderline:
Marsha Linehan is funny, engaging, and has many interesting things to say on the roots of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, how mindfulness intersects with Reality Acceptance skills (part of the Distress Tolerance module), and the effects of Mindfulness: Describe on Emotion Regulation. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part…