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200 Followers! Thanks Guys!

Never in a million years, when I started this blog, did I think I would still be writing it now, nearly 2 years later, have over 67 thousand hits, and over 200 followers! During the time I have been writing the blog, I have been on such a journey. The blog has changed from my […]

I love him, but he doesn’t know me at all.

Last time James and I had our biggest argument so far, and I still don’t know whether our relationship is going to continue. I will explain what happened and then I will discuss it further. I have been feeling unwell lately, I have a kidney infection and I have been unusually tired. Yesterday, I found […]


I’ve been feeling pretty shit all evening, and now, I just feel even worse. I finished work at 5pm, absolutely exhausted after my first 40+ day week since I was Ill, and binged. It wasn’t planned, it was one of those binges that comes about due to circumstance; there were two big pizzas in the […]

Over analysing and making things happen?

I have a little situation arising. I know it’s coming; all the signs are there; so purely by my realising the triggers are there – will my anxiety make it happen? (I know I’m not making much sense ~ let me explain). Last friday I started back on ‘full time’ hours, starting work at 9am […]

Scared about being on my own

I’m scared about going back to the house this evening. I don’t feel good at the moment, my head is in a bad place, and I don’t feel safe with myself. I had strong urges to cut last night, and I’m pretty sure I would have done if I was in my own house. Thank […]

Planning a strategy

So, I live with my parents. I never used to – after university I lived with Jean, and then when I became ill I lived with Lyn and she became my carer. When I fell out with Lyn, I moved back in with my parents, It wasn’t the best option as they are not very […]