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Protected: Reasonable weekend – getting things out in the open

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Is my sub-concious controlling my behaviour?

The argument from earlier this week is slowly fading away. James seems to be okay with me and sweeping things under the carpet (which is fairly normal for him). He seems to be ok, inside I just feel completely broken. My anxiety level is at an all time high and I feel constantly nauseas. I […]

I love him, but he doesn’t know me at all.

Last time James and I had our biggest argument so far, and I still don’t know whether our relationship is going to continue. I will explain what happened and then I will discuss it further. I have been feeling unwell lately, I have a kidney infection and I have been unusually tired. Yesterday, I found […]

I did what was right for me, and binned him

Things with Chris haven’t been going too well. After his cancelling on Thursday night, we arranged to go for a dog walk on Sunday. I haven’t been comfortable with some of the things he has been saying, wasn’t getting a good vibe and hoped that this was just his ‘text’ personality and in person he […]