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Soul Searching

Please bear with me on this, I think it may be a slightly long one, but I hope to cover quite a bit of ground. I have now been a mother for nearly six months, and although parenthood is this hard, whirlwind of a journey, it has been bloody amazing too. The tiredness and dirty […]

One year today NO CUTTING! But how do you deal with things when your original coping mechanisms are not open to you?

For the past six months, I would class myself as being in recovery from Borderline. To a large extent, I no longer meet the criteria in the DSM-IV although I may sometimes display habits or quirks that are reminiscent of my past disorder. I still struggle with maintaining relationships, reading people using their body language […]

A million steps back. *ED Trigger*

Yesterday started badly anyway. I weighed myself, although I knew I shouldn’t, to find I had put on a pound. It was stupid, it was probably water weight, but it set my mood to negative before I had even started. I went to work, and was getting on with things but it was steady progress […]

No words.

So the situation in the office hasn’t got much better over the past few days. The lady that we were having problems in brought in her letter of resignation but the signs already are that she is not going to go quietly. She has already mentioned the words ‘constructive dismissal’ and said her co-workers (i.e. […]

Just tired.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much over the last few days, I haven’t had the energy, the motivation or even the words (I also need to catch up on my 30 day challenge). In hindsight, 4 days in Amsterdam with 18 hours travelling each way wasn’t the best idea given how triggering I find being […]

A new week

Hey Guys. So I am now feeling a little more stable which is great. On Friday I  made the decision to increase my medication. I tried to make an appointment at the doctors for after work but there were none available, and there was no chance of leaving work early. I had several property inspections […]

Having a very wibbley day

Not really having a good day at all today. Tom was having his appointment with the consultant at the Oncology centre at the hospital this morning, at 10am, and was going to ring me when he was finished. I tried to keep busy with work, chatted to Jen on my phone, and generally trying not […]