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Strange happenings ~ and more valium *Triggering*

So saturday I had a pretty chilled out day, taking some pictures with the news lens that I have bought, having a good clearout (going to have to down-size before moving into the new house) and a good clearout always makes me feel better anyway. Saturday evening, Hogan was lame. I presumed maybe he had […]


So I went to see my psychiatrist this morning, Dr Cranmore. To be honest, I was pretty suprised to see I had a appointment booked with her because several months ago I was discharged by my CPN. We discussed the fact that I am starting to feel as though I am heading downwards – the […]

Admission to the unit *TRIGGERING IMAGES OF SELF HARM*

So after that last overdose, where I really tried to succeed, followed by a few more overdoses and one attempt of suffocating myself by placing a bag over my head, it was decided that it would be safer for me to move to a secure unit; a 24 bed ward where I could be watched […]

Meeting my CPN *includes triggering images*

PLEASE BE AWARE: THE FOLLOWING POST CONTAINS TRIGGERING IMAGES OF SELF HARM. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU MAY BE AT RISK So, Lyn phoned the doctor and I was assigned a community psychiatric nurse (CPN) called Vicki, who came out to assess me the next day. I was quickly given an appointment with a […]