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Last night

Last night was my second date with James. I say second date, but what actually happened was I drop a friend off just outside town after we go to Pole Fitness, and he happens to live five minutes away, so we arranged for me to come round for dinner, and stay the night. He had […]

Still feeling good

I want to keep posting while I am feeling good to show you guys that things CAN go well whilst living with this horrible disorder. I have been, on the whole, feeling very positive now for a little while, and despite issues arising (with my Mum etc) or confrontational situations, I have dealt with them […]

Determined not to be alone on valentines day?

I know it sounds stupid, petty and crazy but it means a lot to me that I am not alone on Valentines Day. I know it is only a day, and it is really commercialised, but it has become really important to me that I am secure that people love me, and being alone on […]

First date report :)

Well it was my first date last night with Chris (I’ve changed his name for obvious reasons). I was actually really excited all day up until 4pm, when I started getting nervous. He suddenly had to go into work, so we had to change the plans a little, but decided on meeting at a pub […]

Two years ago today, the truth.

Two years ago today; I tried to die, I didn’t panic, I didn’t cry. I slipped a plastic bag over my head, got sent to a secure unit instead. Things got so bad I couldn’t keep fighting, couldn’t keep trying to do the right thing. 28th October 2010, I won’t let that day happen again. […]

More thoughts on relationships.

After feeling a little confused and upset over the past few days, mulling over the recent situation with the man I went on a date with (and refusing his calls/procrastinating about texting him back) I feel expressing my thoughts on the matter might help me to get it clearer in my head. So, from the […]

Over analysing and making things happen?

I have a little situation arising. I know it’s coming; all the signs are there; so purely by my realising the triggers are there – will my anxiety make it happen? (I know I’m not making much sense ~ let me explain). Last friday I started back on ‘full time’ hours, starting work at 9am […]