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It’s been a long time.

It’s been such a long time since I last posted. I keep trying to start a post, get distracted, or lose my way, and it ends up in drafts (and then subsequently deleted). I keep meaning to start posting more regularly, but life just gets away from me – which I guess is only a […]

Still here, and still being good :)

It’s been a little while since my last update so wanted to post about how things have been going. My dad is coping well with chemotherapy and for the first time in my life, we have been talking more. I still find it very difficult to actually talk to him about his illness, and half […]

Protected: Reasonable weekend – getting things out in the open

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Consultant Appointment today

The re-arranged appointment with my new CPN Karen and the consultant was today at 2pm. This morning I went to work and managed to sort out most things outstanding, which was good, it felt good to know I wouldn’t be too worried about things at work over the christmas break. Hogan came to work with […]

Stripped Back

I am struggling a little today. For some unknown reason, my mum is on the warpath. She is having digs about me and work that I haven’t done (and even work that hasn’t been done which isn’t my work to do). She has gone out of the office now and I had to fight the […]

Why is night the worst?

I’m lying here in bed, and it’s like a dark cloud has settled over me. My night has been okay, hogans foot seems a little better and I had a nice chat to Jen. I even read some comments on Facebook about the fact that I wasn’t at the show on Sunday, and people missed […]

Feeling pants tonight.

Not really feeling good tonight. Upon reflection is it probably due to a number of factors (don’t feel you need to read this post, it is just me airing how I feel and getting it out – believe it or not it helps). First of all, the situation with my mum today started off the […]