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Lovely Weekend – and a few thoughts.

I made a promise to myself, when I started this blog, that I would post when I was feeling good as well as feeling bad; after all, the name of the blog is Living With BPD so I owe it to you all to show you that there are times of light breaking up the […]

Strange happenings ~ and more valium *Triggering*

So saturday I had a pretty chilled out day, taking some pictures with the news lens that I have bought, having a good clearout (going to have to down-size before moving into the new house) and a good clearout always makes me feel better anyway. Saturday evening, Hogan was lame. I presumed maybe he had […]

Too much time on my hands?

Probably. I love nothing more than dressing my dog up, and he is so obliging. I don’t mean I get him to wear a cutesy little dress and take him shopping, I mean, well, you’ll see 😉 Anyway, he loves it too, and gets to excited because he is so keen to please me. Introducing… […]

I think the worst is over *Triggering Image*

I am so sorry guys, for subjecting you to the dark depths of my BPD over the past few days. Thank you to all of you who rode out the low with me and are still here, supporting me. I am feeling a lot better today. On Saturday, after my wibble about not having any […]

Hogan is the coolest

Such a good boy. This didn’t actually take that long to train!  

I’m a failure

Why do I always get things so wrong? Why do I think I know it all? I took my little dog, Rosa, to the vets this morning for her referral appointment with an orthopaedic vet. He sat me down and went through the whole story (I’ll keep this brief:) I went to Florida in February, […]

Look who I found at the end of my rainbow