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They ain’t gonna be around forever kiddo.

Tonight I overheard my Dad telling my Mum that his PSA levels had increased from 8 to 11. Rewind almost two years ago, the mail comes in and I am flicking through when I see a window envelope addressed to my dad, but the paperwork inside had slipped down exposing the title ‘Oncology Appointment’. We […]

Valium, sigh.

Things seem to be on a slightly slippery slope again. I know this is mainly due to work but I don’t see any way to sort it. Yesterday, was a stressful day. Probably due to the weather, most people in their cars were ASSHOLES. Sorry, I know this is judgmental – perhaps, practicing non-judgmental stance […]

Not feeling so good today (A little poem)

Just thought instead of writing out how I feel today, I will share a little poem I hashed together ; Fighting the Feeling by Me! Just this morning, I couldn’t take the pain Wanted to cut to make it go away again The release that wakes a feeling inside A habit I am so desperate […]

Undoing damage.

There are a couple who live close to me who I get a strange ‘vibe’ from. We see each other every now and again, mainly at dog events, but I am never invited to their events like other people are, and when we speak, it seems to be very strained. Unfortunately, the woman has known […]

I love it when a plan comes good.

I am still feeling good – so am not going to over analyse that too much and just run with it. I’ve had a lovely weekend, with lovely people, and the ‘project’ I’ve been working on was given to the person involved – and it went down so well. Basically, I’ve been thinking for a […]

God dammit BPD!

I need to cut. Nothing particularly traumatic has happened today, I don’t feel particularly upset over the house any longer (dissapointed yes but not upset or unstable), so the other things I can think of which may have triggered me include a) My parents holding a BBQ tonight with all their friends and the stress of […]


So I went to see my psychiatrist this morning, Dr Cranmore. To be honest, I was pretty suprised to see I had a appointment booked with her because several months ago I was discharged by my CPN. We discussed the fact that I am starting to feel as though I am heading downwards – the […]