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Determined not to be alone on valentines day?

I know it sounds stupid, petty and crazy but it means a lot to me that I am not alone on Valentines Day. I know it is only a day, and it is really commercialised, but it has become really important to me that I am secure that people love me, and being alone on […]

Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts

On Friday evening I went to stay with my friend Jen, for a girly night/catch up/present from holiday giving session. I am starting to really feel like I can be myself around her now, which sounds really stupid as she is one of the closest friends I have, but it takes me at least 2 […]

Mixed bag today

This morning I woke up early, around 6.30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. Simon was still asleep, so I got up and got myself a drink, and sat on the sofa. I noticed Simons phone on the arm of the sofa, and against my better judgement, picked it up and opened up the Facebook […]

Feeling pants tonight.

Not really feeling good tonight. Upon reflection is it probably due to a number of factors (don’t feel you need to read this post, it is just me airing how I feel and getting it out – believe it or not it helps). First of all, the situation with my mum today started off the […]

More thoughts on relationships.

After feeling a little confused and upset over the past few days, mulling over the recent situation with the man I went on a date with (and refusing his calls/procrastinating about texting him back) I feel expressing my thoughts on the matter might help me to get it clearer in my head. So, from the […]

Crack a smile

I’ve seen these flying around facebook and they always make me smile. I hope they spread some joy today.  

Social Media and BPD?

I think I allow Facebook to affect me a lot more than a normal person would. Sometimes when I do things, I imagine what the reaction would be on facebook. I connect how many likes and comments I have to how much and how many people love me. I take comments on there far too […]

Ultrasound Liposuction

So, I get this e-mail every morning from a company called Groupon, offering anything from 50 – 80% off products, normally¬† new companies that are trying to drum up business. I do buy a lot of stuff from it, usually thinks like photo canvas’s (good as presents, especially at ¬£12 instead of ¬£70!) and photo […]