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Only I could find a therapist with BPD!

So last thursday I had my second session with my new “private counsellor”. During the first one, she was talking about my BPD and she happened to say “we” when describing one of the symptoms. I did hear it, but chose not to question her on it at that point. During this appointment however, she […]

Letting go of self harm – for good.

Today it has been 461 days since I last harmed myself. This weekend, an old friend of mine came to stay. Recently she has been going through some issues (obviously I will no go into them here as they are her issues and not mine) but to cut a long story short, I want to […]

An update on life, death, babies and boyfriends.

It’s been so long and I have so much to update you on, I will try to keep this in some type of format and not make it too boring! 1) Dad Last month I wrote about how the hormone treatment for my dads prostate/bone cancer was no longer working, and that he needed chemotherapy. […]

God dammit BPD!

I need to cut.┬áNothing particularly traumatic has happened today, I don’t feel particularly upset over the house any longer (dissapointed yes but not upset or unstable), so the other things I can think of which may have triggered me include a) My parents holding a BBQ tonight with all their friends and the stress of […]

The morning after the night before

I am feeling very anxious this morning. I didn’t want to get up, or come out of my room, having one of those days when I don’t want to face the world. I suppose not suprising really, as the last time I saw my Dad he was slamming a door in my face. But, bracing […]

Innapropriate Feelings

Why does BPD always fuck things up? I think I have mentioned my friend Jen before. She is older than me, lives about two hours away but we got to know each other through dogs, and now we chat every night/throughout the day on facebook and through text, and I stay at her house a […]