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The one that didn’t make it.

I wanted to put something down here about a dear friend of mine, Cath. Cath and I go back for years, we initially met through horses and she was a lovely girl, although unfortunately quite troubled. She had been through quite a lot in her life, and I believe her diagnosis was initially Borderline, but […]

Thoughts on taking responsibility (Please read – it might help)

I had quite an interesting experience yesterday and I wanted to share what happened, and what I learned, as I think it will really help me to improve my mental health and hopefully by sharing I will be able to help some of you too. For many years, I have taken responsibility, and blamed myself […]

20 Day Challenge Master list – Day Eighteen (Letters to three different people)

Day Eighteen – Letters to three different people So this is an interesting one. A couple of days ago, I spent the evening with my dear friend Kim. We talked, and one of the conclusions we came to was that I should write a letter to my mum. This obviously needs a lot of thought, […]

The real reason why Borderlines avoid the hospital…

Talk to many of us suffering from BPD and you will find, on the whole, we are much happier tending to our own injuries (including stitching ourselves) rather than going to A&E (The Emergency Room for you Americans) and getting it done by a doctor. Personally, there are times for me when I have found […]

The worst feeling

I am feeling, right now, the only feeling that feels worse than living with my BPD – having to watch a dear, dear friend go through it herself. We thought she was on the ‘up’; currently on a Section 3 (6 month section) but on leave from hospital, living with her boyfriend, enjoying her dogs, […]

The plot thickens

I have had a lovely few days – a lot more soul searching has gone on – but lovely none-the-less. Yesterday I went to Go Ape with some friends. Firstly, I was just happy to be invited, and included. No matter how many times I am included in things or invited to places, it still […]

Feeling pants tonight.

Not really feeling good tonight. Upon reflection is it probably due to a number of factors (don’t feel you need to read this post, it is just me airing how I feel and getting it out – believe it or not it helps). First of all, the situation with my mum today started off the […]