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Long day today

I have come to the conclusion that Simon has no real respect for me, and probably never did. The sex that used to be affectionate and kind is now rough and tumble (I’m not complaining its merely an observation)… We don’t kiss… It is merely an act of physical pleasure for the both of us […]

More Iceland

So, I learned three things today. 1) the blue lagoon in Iceland is my absolute new favourite place in the world. 2) Simon is a complete love rat. 3) I don’t actually care about number 2). 1) We went to the Blue Lagoon this morning. Seriously, google it – it is the most fantastic place. […]

Here in Iceland

We arrived at about 5pm today and I love it already! Simon arrived yesterday evening, and after going to Tesco to pick up some bits and bobs, and showing him the cottage, we packed up some final bits, my parents went to bed and I had a shower. I’m actually hating my body so much […]

Some decisions need to be made

I have had a sleepless night, trying to think about the right answers to some big questions I have in my life right now. The situation with Simon seems to be spiralling out of the control and I really need to get a grip on my emotions, hopefully I am going to be able to […]

Lovely Weekend – and a few thoughts.

I made a promise to myself, when I started this blog, that I would post when I was feeling good as well as feeling bad; after all, the name of the blog is Living With BPD so I owe it to you all to show you that there are times of light breaking up the […]

I love it when a plan comes good.

I am still feeling good – so am not going to over analyse that too much and just run with it. I’ve had a lovely weekend, with lovely people, and the ‘project’ I’ve been working on was given to the person involved – and it went down so well. Basically, I’ve been thinking for a […]

Doing the ‘right’ thing

As time goes on, I find myself faced with situations which are increasingly harder to deal with, especially when I am continually trying to do the right thing. Following on from this recent post where I explained the situation which has arisen involving Simon (brief recap – he is a ‘friend with benefits’, an arrangement […]