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The Borderline ‘Back Off’

What AM I doing? The last day or so I have felt like I want to stop this relationship between myself and Chris before it even starts. My reason? I don’t think I even know myself. He is literally perfect, or seems to be. Polite, a real gentleman, caring, wants the same things out of […]

Quick Update

So things are still going well here, probably because I am managing to stick to my diet. When I am on a diet, I sometimes feel that my whole day and the emotions within it can be affected by what is displayed on the scales that morning. I have to be very careful to not […]

New Year and a New Start?

So here we are, the last day of 2012, the day before the anniversary of starting my blog. So much has changed since the 31st December 2011, mostly for the better. Looking at positives, I bought a house which, despite needing a lot of work, I adore, and already feels like home. I still have […]

Christmas is gone… time to move on…

Christmas has gone relatively well, better than it has done in years gone past with no dramas. I woke up on christmas morning in my cottage, got dressed and went to visit my grandma thelma, who is in a home. I call her my grandma, she is actually my dads aunt, but i’ve always called […]

A new week

Hey Guys. So I am now feeling a little more stable which is great. On Friday I  made the decision to increase my medication. I tried to make an appointment at the doctors for after work but there were none available, and there was no chance of leaving work early. I had several property inspections […]

Realising Things

I have been doing more thinking, and come to more important realisations. The first one is about Lyn, my old carer. I need to write a letter to her, and although I will NOT be giving it to her, it will help me to get how I feel straight, and allow me to move on. […]

What is wrong with me?

I feel overtired and I have been feeling incredibly emotional all day. I started crying in the office earlier (although I think successfully disguised it as something in my eye and a coughing fit combined) because I had a conversation with Kim who brought up the fact that at some point she will die and […]

Two years ago today, the truth.

Two years ago today; I tried to die, I didn’t panic, I didn’t cry. I slipped a plastic bag over my head, got sent to a secure unit instead. Things got so bad I couldn’t keep fighting, couldn’t keep trying to do the right thing. 28th October 2010, I won’t let that day happen again. […]

Three steps forward, two steps back :)

For what it’s worth, I think I’m through the worst of this ‘episode’, I am feeling a lot more stable, more able to think clearly and more able to rationalise things. That you so much, all of you, for bearing with me, and your kind, supportive words, that really helped in my time of need. […]

You go up, you go down, life goes on.

So, on the whole, I had a good weekend. On friday evening, my friend Kim arrived to stay the night, and I took her round the cottage garden (I’ve been given permission to do some work in the garden before the sale completes). She said she really liked it, which is great. This is a […]