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Two years ago today, the truth.

Two years ago today; I tried to die, I didn’t panic, I didn’t cry. I slipped a plastic bag over my head, got sent to a secure unit instead. Things got so bad I couldn’t keep fighting, couldn’t keep trying to do the right thing. 28th October 2010, I won’t let that day happen again. […]

Three steps forward, two steps back :)

For what it’s worth, I think I’m through the worst of this ‘episode’, I am feeling a lot more stable, more able to think clearly and more able to rationalise things. That you so much, all of you, for bearing with me, and your kind, supportive words, that really helped in my time of need. […]

You go up, you go down, life goes on.

So, on the whole, I had a good weekend. On friday evening, my friend Kim arrived to stay the night, and I took her round the cottage garden (I’ve been given permission to do some work in the garden before the sale completes). She said she really liked it, which is great. This is a […]

Feeling pretty good

I thought I would post while I’m ‘up’ because I always post when I’m down too, and that isn’t a fair representation to those of you reading and following. After my really bad patch last week, I went on a serious high for about a day, and then I seem to have plateau’d (is that […]

I think the worst is over *Triggering Image*

I am so sorry guys, for subjecting you to the dark depths of my BPD over the past few days. Thank you to all of you who rode out the low with me and are still here, supporting me. I am feeling a lot better today. On Saturday, after my wibble about not having any […]