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Weekend from hell (The Tom Story)

I couldn’t write about this on Sunday because I was in that much of a state, so I apologise for my short post. I was in a place where I didn’t ever think I would go back to and it terrified me if I am honest. On Thursday evening I drove down to a hotel […]

Realising Things

I have been doing more thinking, and come to more important realisations. The first one is about Lyn, my old carer. I need to write a letter to her, and although I will NOT be giving it to her, it will help me to get how I feel straight, and allow me to move on. […]

Here in Iceland

We arrived at about 5pm today and I love it already! Simon arrived yesterday evening, and after going to Tesco to pick up some bits and bobs, and showing him the cottage, we packed up some final bits, my parents went to bed and I had a shower. I’m actually hating my body so much […]

The morning after the night before.

Yet again, last night, I did a lot of soul searching. I replied to the last message saying: “I appreciate your reply. I didn’t realise my friendship with ***** had affected ***** in that way and I am sorry for that. I take in you comments and I know that I was wrong. Like I […]

Feeling pants tonight.

Not really feeling good tonight. Upon reflection is it probably due to a number of factors (don’t feel you need to read this post, it is just me airing how I feel and getting it out – believe it or not it helps). First of all, the situation with my mum today started off the […]

I love it when a plan comes good.

I am still feeling good – so am not going to over analyse that too much and just run with it. I’ve had a lovely weekend, with lovely people, and the ‘project’ I’ve been working on was given to the person involved – and it went down so well. Basically, I’ve been thinking for a […]

I think the worst is over *Triggering Image*

I am so sorry guys, for subjecting you to the dark depths of my BPD over the past few days. Thank you to all of you who rode out the low with me and are still here, supporting me. I am feeling a lot better today. On Saturday, after my wibble about not having any […]