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Having a very wibbley day

Not really having a good day at all today. Tom was having his appointment with the consultant at the Oncology centre at the hospital this morning, at 10am, and was going to ring me when he was finished. I tried to keep busy with work, chatted to Jen on my phone, and generally trying not […]

A letter to my mother

 A while ago, I said I would write a letter to my mother, trying to explain, and perhaps improve things. This has been a long time in the coming and this is only a first draft. I would really, really appreciate your thoughts/comments/critique on this – anything I should add? Take out? Change? Please be […]

Invalidating comments

After yesterdays conversations, and racking my brains as to invalidating experiences in my childhood, which may have contributed to my emotional issues now, but as usual, I had a mental block and couldn’t think of anything (sometimes I wonder if that’s my brains way of protecting myself). Anyway, I didn’t have to wait for long. […]