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Interpersonal Effectiveness – Part three (the skills)

As described in my first post, an overview of interpersonal effectiveness, there are 3 main goals in interpersonal effectiveness: 1) Object Effectiveness 2) Relationship Effectiveness 3) Self Respect Effectiveness For each of these goals, there is an acronym to help you remember how to achieve them. Object Effectiveness – gaining your objectives/goals in any given […]

I love him, but he doesn’t know me at all.

Last time James and I had our biggest argument so far, and I still don’t know whether our relationship is going to continue. I will explain what happened and then I will discuss it further. I have been feeling unwell lately, I have a kidney infection and I have been unusually tired. Yesterday, I found […]

Progress on feelings

So James and I went out for a meal last night and had a long talk about things that I have been feeling. I told him I found it hard to articulate things, and to his credit, he gave me the time to talk, to think about what I was saying, to pause and gather […]

Officially Discharged

So a letter came for me today from my CPN, stating that as of today, I am officially discharged from the mental health services. She had wanted to meet me to go through some forms and procedures about ‘staying well’ but I never found the time, and seemingly nor did she. It feels funny, after […]

An update on being recovered from BPD (and how I have realised there is no such thing)

So things are still running smoothly in my life right now but I feel I need to post to get a few things down on ‘paper’ so to speak. Over the last couple of blog entries I have posted about how I think, or believe, that I am now ‘recovered’ from Borderline due to me […]

I’m FINE: Fucked up, insecure, neurotic and emotional!

I love that acronym. Even with the many acronyms DBT has introduced me to (DEARMAN, FAST, GIVE) I still love the one FINE. Probably because I can say it without anyone else knowing what I actually mean. To be fair, I am actually fine right now, but there are a few niggling issues that I […]

Protected: Enabling Forgiveness

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