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Picture post – Iceland

Here are some pictures from my Iceland trip for you to enjoy 🙂 Posing with a viking Relaxing at the harbour Moment of mindfulness at Pingvellir National Park Gulfoss Waterfall Greenlandic Puppies Jolulsaron Glacial Lagoon The Aurora Borealis (The  Northern Lights <3) Dog love Another moment of minfulness The Blue Lagoon Hello Icelandic Horses Hope […]

Here in Iceland

We arrived at about 5pm today and I love it already! Simon arrived yesterday evening, and after going to Tesco to pick up some bits and bobs, and showing him the cottage, we packed up some final bits, my parents went to bed and I had a shower. I’m actually hating my body so much […]

30 Day Challenge – Day twenty five

Day 25: Something you are looking forward to. I am going on holiday with Simon in October, as friends, to Iceland. I am SO excited. I get to tick off lots of things on my bucket list. I’m not sure in what order we are going to be doing these things, but this is what […]