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Homework number five: Online DBT Class

This week was a re-cap of the Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills, from the free on-line DBT class group http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/dbtclass/ HOMEWORK: Write out your examples of using the skills, made up or for real! Practising the skill FAST Yesterday I had a situation where the postman who delivers the mail to work made an inappropriate comment. I […]

Distress Tolerance – Part Five (Accepting Reality)

When finding yourself in a distressing situation, it can be a very useful skill to be able to accept the reality of that situation. In DBT terms, this is done through Radical Acceptance, Turning the Mind and Willingness . The word ‘radical’ means complete and total – which leads on to the fact that Radical […]

Distress Tolerance – Part Four (Pro’s and Con’s)

The final part of the distress tolerance module is about thinking of pro’s and con’s of tolerating or not tolerating a situation. The end goal of this process is allowing yourself to work out and understand that the pro’s of tolerating a situation far outweigh the pro’s of not tolerating it – and this can […]

An opportunity to use my DBT skills – but it doesn’t feel good

At the moment, we are short staffed at work, so it means quite often I am left on my own in the office. We have a dedicated postal service to pick up and drop off the post every day, and the postman in the morning is different to the one in the afternoon. The postman […]

Homework number four: Online DBT Class

This homework was on ‘FAST’, an acronym in Interpersonal Effectiveness which is used in interactions to allow you to keep the respect your yourself – to not back down on things but being assertive rather than aggressive. Homework – To describe an example of using the FAST and GIVE skills; So here is an example, […]

Homework Number Three: Online DBT Class

This weeks homework was based on the GIVE skills in the interpersonal effectiveness module. GIVE is an acronym for how to maintain a relationship – by being Gentle, acting Interested, Validating and having an Easy Manner. I am doing this course on this group here: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/dbtclass/. It is online, and free, great for those of […]

More updates and assessments

It’s been a good couple of days, quite productive in many ways. I am still feeling good about the way things are going, especially where James in concerned. I really feel as though I am falling in love with him – I know I have only known him for three weeks but this is how […]