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Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – Interpersonal Effectiveness (Part one – an overview)

Please note: All handouts are courtesy of Marsha Linehan, in her book “Skills Training Manual for the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder”. She retains the copyright. As I now have a little more time on my hands I am resurrecting my review of the book “Skills Training Manual for treating Borderline Personality Disorder” by Marsha […]

How to beat Borderline Personality Disorder

Since the start of my blogging journey, I have hoped that my posts have made a difference to someone, no matter how small. I always wonder whether people take the time to read my long rambling posts, as I try to explain different specific situations, and my sometimes long and complex reactions to them. I […]

Homework number five: Online DBT Class

This week was a re-cap of the Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills, from the free on-line DBT class group http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/dbtclass/ HOMEWORK: Write out your examples of using the skills, made up or for real! Practising the skill FAST Yesterday I had a situation where the postman who delivers the mail to work made an inappropriate comment. I […]

Distress Tolerance – Part Four (Pro’s and Con’s)

The final part of the distress tolerance module is about thinking of pro’s and con’s of tolerating or not tolerating a situation. The end goal of this process is allowing yourself to work out and understand that the pro’s of tolerating a situation far outweigh the pro’s of not tolerating it – and this can […]

Distress Tolerance – Part Three (Improve the moment)

Just as a little re-cap as it has been a while since I have done one of these, distress tolerance is the art of accepting the moment as it is, without trying to change it. Life will always contain distress in many different forms (emotional pain, stress) and this cannot be changed or avoided – […]

Thoughts on taking responsibility (Please read – it might help)

I had quite an interesting experience yesterday and I wanted to share what happened, and what I learned, as I think it will really help me to improve my mental health and hopefully by sharing I will be able to help some of you too. For many years, I have taken responsibility, and blamed myself […]

Skills Training Manual for Treating BPD – Chapter two discussion

This chapter discusses the logistics on the DBT treatment and the positive and negatives of doing the treatment in different ways. First off, it explains that DBT is split into two sections – one is individual therapy and the other is skills training. These two things can’t be done together because it is too hard […]