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I want to cut, but instead, I shall write.

Life feels very tough at the moment. It has been a long time since I have taken the time to actually sit down and write out how I am feeling, but tonight I reached the point where, after 7 years “free” from self harm, I could feel my strength and resolve waning. Please, feel free […]

Just plainly numb

I think there is a set amount of shit and drama that the human brain can take before it just says, nope! and ceases to function. The drama relating to my brother and his behaviour continues to escalate, and I really am done with being involved in it all. After the initial “drama” of taking […]


From my early teens, I have had an obsession with plucking. Mainly my eyebrows to start with, and then extending to my chin and neck when I developed PCOS and started growing unwanted facial hair. It had become a kinda longstanding family joke, because after the first few years I no longer needed a tweezer […]


I had a lovely day. This morning I went over to chris’s neck of the woods. He is the chief flying instructor at an airfield near to his house, and flies both motor planes and gliders, which is seriously cool. I wasn’t as nervous as I have been for the last two dates but I […]

Making concious decisions to not let things affect me this time.

Today I woke up, and snow was everywhere. I LOVE snow and am such a child about it. After taking Hogan for a walk in it, and taking some photos (I have been learning photography with my dSLR camera, it’s going ok but very slowly, instagram is soooo much easier, lol). This is the view […]

Over analysing and making things happen?

I have a little situation arising. I know it’s coming; all the signs are there; so purely by my realising the triggers are there – will my anxiety make it happen? (I know I’m not making much sense ~ let me explain). Last friday I started back on ‘full time’ hours, starting work at 9am […]

*and breathe* *Triggering*

I have a draw full of Diazepam and I want to take it all. I can’t get rid of my rage right now. I am angry, so angry, I want to cry, I want to be violent!!!!! I can now understand how murders happen. I want to take pills. I think I will. I attempted […]