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Consultant Appointment today

The re-arranged appointment with my new CPN Karen and the consultant was today at 2pm. This morning I went to work and managed to sort out most things outstanding, which was good, it felt good to know I wouldn’t be too worried about things at work over the christmas break. Hogan came to work with […]

Why is the National Health Service so bad?

I know I should be grateful that in this country we get free healthcare (although when you think about it it isn’t completely free as we pay for it through taxes) but I am starting to feel completely let down by the NHS. I had an appointment this afternoon with a psychiatrist but Karen the […]

Felt really pants last night.

Yesterday I had my appointment with the new GP. I explained that I had doubled my medication on Friday as I felt I wasn’t able to cope, and although she understood why I had done it, she told me I had to reduce it back down to 20mg with immediate effect as Escitalopram was not […]

Interesting weekend.

I’ve had a bit of a jam packed weekend, full of massive highs, but also massive lows. On Saturday, my friend Claire (name changed) came over with her boyfriend Sam – as we were driving to Holland to a dog show. Claire has BPD, and has been under a Section 3 for the past six […]

Valium, sigh.

Things seem to be on a slightly slippery slope again. I know this is mainly due to work but I don’t see any way to sort it. Yesterday, was a stressful day. Probably due to the weather, most people in their cars were ASSHOLES. Sorry, I know this is judgmental – perhaps, practicing non-judgmental stance […]

Lovely Weekend – and a few thoughts.

I made a promise to myself, when I started this blog, that I would post when I was feeling good as well as feeling bad; after all, the name of the blog is Living With BPD so I owe it to you all to show you that there are times of light breaking up the […]

The real reason why Borderlines avoid the hospital…

Talk to many of us suffering from BPD and you will find, on the whole, we are much happier tending to our own injuries (including stitching ourselves) rather than going to A&E (The Emergency Room for you Americans) and getting it done by a doctor. Personally, there are times for me when I have found […]