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Just can’t stop staring at this picture

It is just everything I want, in one picture. ❤ ❤ ❤ Never a truer statement than “a picture speaks a thousand words.”

So excited/stressed/nervous/*insert suitable word here*

So, I have been holding my breath over the last few days because I am buying a house! And today, my offer got accepted! I know there is a long way to go, and nothing is set in stone until a survey has been completed and contracts have been exchanged, but I just can’t stop […]

Look who I found at the end of my rainbow

Because you are worth it

You are not who people make you

Reading a post on here where someone described themselves as a ‘whore’ made me start thinking. For so many years I thought of myself in the same way – and by thinking that I was a whore, made me turn into one. I would allow men to use me, use my body because I believed […]

Why do I cut? – Author Unknown

Why Do I Cut? Why for the attention of course! Isn’t that what you think? It’s for the reaction – the disapproval, the joy of being a time waster, of knowing that you would rather be treating someone else, someone who deserves your care, such as someone who has been in a genuine accident and […]


I just am in awe with this picture, I had to share it.

What a wonderful world

Just trying to be strong. Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful world (images found on google images) I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom for me and you And I think to myself what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue and clouds of white The bright blessed day, […]

Every cat should have a dog <3

I was e-mailed these pictures and they really made me smile, so if you are having a bad day, I hope this makes you smile too 🙂 Take care. x