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20 Day Challenge Master List – Day Twenty (One phrase that describes you)

Day Twenty – One phrase that describes you This is a really hard one! I think, I’m going to go with; “Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.” John Barrymore I never knew I would get so much happiness from people I was yet to meet, things I was […]

20 Day Challenge Master List – Day Nineteen (Languages you wish you knew)

Day Nineteen – languages you wish you know / want to learn 1) French. I can speak basic french, but I used to be a lot more fluent. I had french lessons from the age of 7 – 16, and by 16 I was pretty much able to speak fluently. I would love to pick […]

20 Day Challenge Master list – Day Eighteen (Letters to three different people)

Day Eighteen – Letters to three different people So this is an interesting one. A couple of days ago, I spent the evening with my dear friend Kim. We talked, and one of the conclusions we came to was that I should write a letter to my mum. This obviously needs a lot of thought, […]

20 Day Challenge Master List – Day seventeen (Places you want to go)

Day seventeen – 20 Places you want to go 1) St. Lucia – I don’t know why but it is my lifelong dream to visit St. Lucia! 2) Fiji (And stay in the underwater hotel!! Will have to win the lottery first!) 3) Dubai 4) Iceland (Oh yeah, I’m going there in less that a […]

20 Day Challenge Master List – Day sixteen (Pictures of you when you were little)

Day Sixteen – Pictures of you when you were little I’ll have to update this one a little later as I’m at work so don’t have the pictures on my PC. Here is one I have managed to scrounge from Facebook; 1) (I’m fourth from the left on the top row)

20 Day Challenge Master List – Day fifteen (things you cannot live without)

Day fifteen – Things you cannot live with out 1) My Dog 2) My friends 3) My iPhone 4) My iPad 5) My laptop 6) My medication 7) My blog 8) Facebook! (How sad is that) 9) Perfume 10) Deodorant (Nothing worse than B.O) 11) Tweezers (Totally obsessed with plucking) 12) Music 13) The cinema […]

20 Day Challenge Master List – Day thirteen (favourite foods)

Sorry for the overload – I missed the weekend as I was away! 1. Spaghetti Carbonara (All time favourite, yum!) 2. Garlic Chicken Kievs 3. Garden Peas (Random I know, but I love them) 4. Cheese (Quite specific types, mainly cheddar and mexicana, I love parmesan despite it smelling like feet, I HATE blue cheese) […]