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Originally posted on Beauty and the Borderline:
Researchers at my own alma mater, the University of Toronto, pinpoint two key differences in the brain activity of patients with Borderline Personality Disorder, reports the NEA-BPD (you can find this article, and links to NEA-BPD’s main site, in my “Blogs about BPD” section below): heightened subjective perception…

Homework number one (Online DBT Class)

So I have just recieved my homework feedback from my first week participating in the online DBT class here: This was my homework: (The module is currently Interpersonal Effectiveness, and the section is ‘ Options for Intensity of Asking or Saying No, and Factors to Consider in Deciding’ INTERPERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS > > HOMEWORK SHEET […]

Psychotherapy Assessment

Well this morning at 9.30am was my long awaited appointment with the outpatient team at a psychiatric hospital in Bristol, for a referral to a psychotherapy program. The day didn’t start too well, despite getting up early enough to go for a 6 minute run (I can’t manage any more yet!), pack for tonight (I […]

Lifestyle Changes

Well the last couple of days have been spent thinking long and hard about the changes I want to make in my lifestyle, and don’t worry, they are all positive. I went to pole on Wednesday night, even though I didn’t feel like it at all after the day I had had, but I am […]

Over emotional

Feeling really over emotional right now and very upset. I am trying to understand the reasons I am feeling this way and so far, this is what I can come up with. I believe the reasons are good enough to justify how upset I am feeling, so I am able to validate my feelings. However, […]

I can see a positive difference in myself

Yesterday I was faced with a situation which I have found myself in before, and this time, I reacted completely differently. For those of you who weren’t following me in the early days, you can read about the bus driver here. About two years ago, I walked into him in Tesco – inevitable really as […]

More bed time reading


I did it, I gave blood! *potentially triggering picture of old scars*

On Friday I did something I am soooo proud of. Despite being nervous around needles, I did something I have been meaning to do for years and gave blood. It was pretty bad but I am going again in 3 months. I hope my blood saves somebody! Photo evidence!

Free online DBT course (with marked homework assignments)

I feel like all my prayers have been answered. I am still on a waiting list for DBT through the NHS and have been struggling through the DBT modules on my own, when I come across an online DBT group that not only gives you a weekly DBT lesson by email, they set you homework, […]

Bad day today and the computer analogy

I have an hour and a half of work left and I’m not going too well, I feel as though I am on the brink of dissociation, even typing this with correct spelling and grammar is proving difficult, and I have to keep going back and re-typing. I thought earlier of a really good metaphor […]