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Back in the land of the living (Plus On-line DBT Homework Lessons)

Hi Guys – Sorry I have been AWOL for so long. Following on from my last post, I decide I would come off Escitalopram and in hindsight came off a little too quickly. I halved the dose for nearly two weeks then simply stopped taking it, and the results were horrific. I simply have NEVER […]

Free online DBT course (with marked homework assignments)

I feel like all my prayers have been answered. I am still on a waiting list for DBT through the NHS and have been struggling through the DBT modules on my own, when I come across an online DBT group that not only gives you a weekly DBT lesson by email, they set you homework, […]

Still going well.

I am making sure I continue to blog when things are positive so you guys can see that there ARE good times through the dark. I always feel I don’t need that release when I am okay, but as time goes on I realise this blog is just as much about helping others through their […]

Consultant Appointment today

The re-arranged appointment with my new CPN Karen and the consultant was today at 2pm. This morning I went to work and managed to sort out most things outstanding, which was good, it felt good to know I wouldn’t be too worried about things at work over the christmas break. Hogan came to work with […]

Why is the National Health Service so bad?

I know I should be grateful that in this country we get free healthcare (although when you think about it it isn’t completely free as we pay for it through taxes) but I am starting to feel completely let down by the NHS. I had an appointment this afternoon with a psychiatrist but Karen the […]

Highs, lows, on it goes.

It’s been a few busy days, but on the whole, things are good. On Thursday I had my assessment with my new CPN, Karen. It was meant to be Tuesday but she had car trouble, so she re-arranged. She came to the house, and I was so nervous before she arrived, I fussed around tidying […]

Crap NHS

So I know I should be grateful for the free healthcare provided by the national health service in this country, but sometimes I really feels as though they just don’t give a damn. I have been chasing my referral for DBT for over 3 months now but just seem to be going in circles. This […]